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Simple Wedding PhotographySimple Wedding PhotographySimple Wedding Photography

Simple Wedding Photography


A downloadable eBook that teaches you everything you need to know about photographing weddings, and the business behind it.

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A downloadable eBook that teaches you everything you need to know about photographing weddings, and the business behind it.

What you’ll learn in this book:

  • The 4 must-have lenses to get you started in wedding photography and where toprofitably rent or buy them used
  • The SPECIFIC camera settings to use at every stage of the wedding for spot-on results
  • Style and Composition tips to start shooting better photography faster
  • How to run an Engagement Session to make your clients “naturals” in front of the camera
  • Learn to scout a location for your shots and discover beauty in places the untrained eye can’t see
  • Exactly what to do at wedding rehearsals to be super prepared for the big day
  • The lighting tips plus all the details you need to capture great shots of the bride and groom getting ready
  • How to shoot the entire ceremony like a pro and get beautiful shots your clients will love
  • The psychological subtleties you should be using to run fun (previously boring) Family Formals
  • A specific plan to shooting great variety and getting real laughs during The Portraits
  • PROVEN posing and directing secrets to make your clients feel great and look amazing
  • 14 great-looking poses to steal for your own shots
  • Learn exactly how to shoot the reception to have a fantastic end-of-wedding story

And that’s just Part 1. Check out what you’ll learn in Part 2:

  • Specific tips to get started in wedding photography even if you have zero experience
  • How to book your very first wedding and what your one TOP-priority goal needs to be
  • How to create your first wedding album so that your storytelling skills practically sell themselves
  • Multiple ways to get a free and professional web presence to make a great first impression
  • What stuff besides the must-haves should you get if you want to go full time?
  • Learn the 8 PROVEN products that make great offerings and make you more cash
  • How to set your prices to charge what you’re worth and stay profitably happy
  • How to present your product packages to make them appealing to your clients(and very profitable for you)
  • Often overlooked: How to communicate your brand and attract the type of customers you want
  • Learn the simple and effective ways to getting new clients
  • Where and how to provide an unforgettable Client Experience to add value to your services
  • Learn how to run an Initial Consult and get booked for THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS per wedding
  • How to run a Pre-Wedding Meeting and be completely prepared for the big day
  • What’s the best atmosphere for a Post-Wedding Meeting so clients happily buy more products?
  • And more!

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Here’s what this book will do for you.

1. Give you a solid understanding of how to photograph a wedding. They are complex events with lots of must-shoot situations. We’re going to look at each part of the day, and talk about what to shoot, and tips to make it rock.

2. Give you a solid understanding of what goes into creating and running a wedding photography business. It’s even more complex than the wedding itself, with tons of differ- ent parts that need to work together. Don’t worry, we’ll break it down, and make it simple to understand.


  • Sample Wedding Album: A complete client wedding album design to demonstrate storytelling start to finish.
  • Video Album Walkthrough: This video will take you through the album, and point out important concepts. It’s best viewed after reading the book!
  • Wedding Day Worksheet: This will help make sure you get all the critical information during your pre-wedding meeting.
  • Wedding prep Checklist: So you’re completely prepared for the big day.
  • Wedding Day shot list: For a clear look at all the must-have images to create.
  • Post Wedding Report Card: For easy review and future improvement.
  • Branding Worksheet: This will help you figure out the mes- sage behind your brand.


“Just by reading Part One I feel much more confident in my abilities as a wedding photographer. I have my very first wedding in May of this year and this book has been an invaluable resource so far! Thanks so much! :)” Jennifer Lynn

“I absolutely love your wedding eBook! Love your conversational approach with very little jargon. Definitely got me engaged without a single yawn. Keep up the awesome work, I have learned so much from you!” – Robbie Muyargas

“If only I had Photography Concentrate’s newest offering, “Simple Wedding Photography” as my playbook when I was starting out in this business, I know I would have achieved success much earlier as a documentary wedding photographer… If I ever wonder about how to do something, I am sure that this is the book that has the answers I am seeking.” – Seshu

About The Author – Lauren Lim

 Simple Wedding PhotographyLauren Lim is the author of Simple Wedding Photography and co-founder of Photography Concentrate. She has photographed weddings around the world, in places like India, Mexico, and the Caribbean. On her blog, she reaches more than 50,000 visitors every month. Lauren has also written 3 other popular photography guides.

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

guarantee seal Simple Wedding PhotographyIf for whatever reason you’re dissatisfied with your purchase, this product is backed up by a 60 day money-back guarantee. Simply send an email to the product’s author, with a note explaining why, and so long as it’s within 60 days of purchase, you will receive a full refund. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Simple Wedding Photography Simple Wedding Photography


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