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My story:

I started my photography with no money. I am talking zero dollars. And I had no photography and business experience. I also had no photography-related education.

The only thing I did have back then was a burning desire to have my own business. And I had one other thing – I had bought my first Canon film camera on my first in-store credit card in my life.

It was long time ago, but it got me started on my own business and lifestyle that I couldn’t have even dreamed of back then.

You can do this too!

Believe me, no matter where you are today, I did not have anything up on you when I started my business.

To help people like me, those who do not have time and willingness to spend time on expensive and time consuming photography courses, I give you a shortcut to learn quickly and effectively.
I created the “Studio Tabletop Photography Essentials” pack, stuffed with a variety of simple, easy to follow tutorials (my best ones!), behind the scene videos and e-books.

It includes everything you need to know about studio tabletop photography, from the equipment to the lighting techniques, and DIY solutions. You will learn fast, easy and with passion: same as I did, only much faster.

You will not be alone; join our community by submitting your work for a Photigy weekly review and Q&A session, test your skills by participating in our assignments!

The most unique thing about this package is the support I provide to my students.

You can submit your shots while progressing through the tutorials to Photigy’s “Submit your work” forum, and I’ll review, critique, and suggest how to improve your results. I do this absolutely free, and every week I post these videos to Photigy Live.

Who else provide such support for their products? 

Rest assured, I will always help you where you need me.

tabletop essentails pack 40off Studio Tabletop Photography Essentials Pack

Here are some samples of the things you will learn in this Studio Tabletop Photography pack:

  • Discover the necessary equipment for studio tabletop photography: cameras and lenses, lighting and modifiers, studio supports and grips
  • How to shoot different types of liqueur bottles: clear, matte, and dark glossy
  • How to deal with glossy chrome products, the most tricky to shoot in product photography
  • Shooting jewelry and watches, using non-expensive DIY solutions and household LED lighting
  • How to create a composite a shot, how to combine separate photos into one mind-blowing composition
  • Learn Photoshop techniques on how to clean your shots, fine tune and adjust detail and manipulate the shape.

Look at everything that’s in the pack:


Tabletop Product Photography in examples e-book.

tabletop book Studio Tabletop Photography Essentials PackThis ebook is based on my product photography masterclass we held in August 2011 in Atlanta.

During this 5 hour class I photographed seven different subjects and demonstrated how to effectively use various light modifiers (Most of them were DIY) for completely different product types.

You will learn how to work fast and efficient, creating custom-build solutions on the fly, without preparation. Things like this will impress any client, showing how flexible and problem-solving a photographer can be.

I’ll show you how to work with these subjects: watch, jewelry ring, 3 bottles of liqueur, (clear, dark glossy, and matte), glossy saxophone, and perfume.
Learn more about this e-book: Tabletop Product Photography in examples e-book

DIY solutions for jewelry photography

diy book Studio Tabletop Photography Essentials PackThis e-book is about jewelry photography. Gemstone necklaces to be specific. It will be useful for hobbyists who need to create photos of their craft without spending much money for the lighting and camera as well as for jewelry photographers who are looking to learn new ways on how to get the job done.

Originally I’ve created a simple and non-expensive lighting technique for shooting DIY gemstone necklaces and bracelets for my wife and her friends. They have a hobby of crafting gemstone jewelry and needed good quality images for their website. After I found how successful and easy to use these techniques, I have decided to create this e-videobook to make it available for others who are looking for the same information.

Why I included this jewelry e-book in this pack? Because solutions and techniques I show in this e-book will work for any small subject of tabletop studio photography, and this alone can save you huge amounts of time and money.
Learn more about this e-book: DIY solutions for jewelry photography

How to Start in Studio Photography: The Equipment

equipment course Studio Tabletop Photography Essentials PackThis online course is a complete guide for a beginner of studio photography, as well as for photographers of all experience levels who want to expand their expertise in studio photography.

What will you learn about the Equipment needed to Start in Studio Photography?
Everyday I receive emails from fellow photographers with questions asking for my suggestions about studio lighting, cameras and lenses, grips and supports for light modifiers, and even more questions about how to use all of this equipment.
In this course I’ll share with you everything I have learned about cameras and lenses, lights and lighting modifiers, supports, grips and other studio equipment doing commercial photography for 8 years. I’ll show you my DIY projects and much more!

It can be so frustrating and expensive to go trial-and-error way when it comes to studio equipment, and I am sure this course will save you time and money.

Over 3 hours of video, this course consist of 3 parts, and each part is followed by 15-20 minutes interactive Q&A chat session with me.

But that’s not all! You’ll also receive five amazing tutorials and BTS videos ($100 value) as a free bonus!


Behind the Scene: Godiva liqueur splash shot

Screen Shot 2012 11 15 at 10.13.46 PM1 Studio Tabletop Photography Essentials PackThis Behind The Scene tutorial includes two videos, and covers both parts of the shot: Shooting the bottle and the liquid splash.You will learn how to shoot liqueur bottles, why and how large format cameras are used in product shots, as well as how to capture liquid splashes.

$20 value!

DeLonghi Espresso Coffeemaker: Studio Photography tutorial

Screen Shot 2012 11 15 at 4.49.13 PM1 Studio Tabletop Photography Essentials PackA 25 minute video, step-by step guide through the shot. Great to learn the composition and lighting of plastic household products.

Behind the scenes includes breakdown of the lights used for the shot.

$20 value!

Dealing with reflective glossy objects in product photography

Screen Shot 2012 11 15 at 10.13.26 PM1 Studio Tabletop Photography Essentials PackThis is a great tutorial about how to work with hi-glossy subjects. This is quite a tricky part of tabletop photography, and this example shot is a great example of how to control reflections and create a glossy look for reflective areas on products you shoot.

Includes a video tutorial and the article with the lighting setup explained.

$20 value!

Creative hand tool shot: BTS and post production video

Screen Shot 2012 11 15 at 10.13.14 PM1 Studio Tabletop Photography Essentials PackIn this 30 minute video I explain how we have done this cool and creative shot of a hammer hitting a balloon. This tutorial includes all the pieces of getting the shot: precise work with the glossy metal of the hammer, creation of the liquid splash, and post-production where we put all these separate pieces together into a final composition.

Great to learn how to do composite shots in commercial studio tabletop photography.

$20 value!

BTS of Sephora assignment: how to shoot glossy subjects

Screen Shot 2012 11 15 at 4.49.03 PM1 Studio Tabletop Photography Essentials PackThis is just one of our shots for Sephora, and I have recorded a video explaining the shooting process. This tutorial covers specifics of shooting a hi-glossy subject, and you will get an idea of what an actual commercial assignment looks like.

$20 value!

So, do you want to learn how to take photos like these?

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“I love that you share your incredible knowledge and love of photography by showing how you do these incredible works of art! Pure brilliance. I am a huge fan and can’t wait to get your book.
I was shocked to see how many commercial shots you did in one session. You deserve every dollar that comes your way and I hope someday I can be half as good as you. Thanks Alex for being yourself and keeping it real!! -Brett Spinning, owner BrettSpinningPhotography way up in Presque Isle, Maine!” – Brett

I’m am learning so much from you. To be honest, it did take me a lot of light adjustments to dial it in. But each time I do one of your assignments, I get closer to what I’m looking for, faster.I am very much a beginner at this and just learned how to use my camera last year. (Took a semester at a local college: digital photography 101) When I found your site, I realized that doing product photography was the perfect way to learn about light and you were the perfect teacher.” – Lynn Burtnett 

“Alex, your tutorials are blowing my mind. You are so thorough. I keep raving to my fellow photography students who amazing your tutorial are.I saw the Sephora one and I am so glad you included how you got your results and then to have the links page to the equipment you used and where to purchase was so helpful.I have never gotten this amount of info from one class. I am so excited to keep viewing the videos. I know it will help me in my career.Thank you!!!” – Laura Ochoa

About The Author – Alex Koloskov

3862539 300 150x150 Studio Tabletop Photography Essentials PackI am a mix of technicality, innovation and out of the box thinking. Since childhood my dad inspired and encouraged that in me.

I am completely self taught. I don’t know the rules nor do I care about them. I don’t follow the herd. I do it my way. That turned out to be invaluable in what I do. It allowed me to experiment, see outside the borders, challenge the authorities and create stunning photography style that is crisp, sharp and crystal clear.

I am inspired by progress and movement. I am incredibly persistent and never take “less than perfect” for an answer. If I don’t have the right tools, I’ll build them myself. I like to make stuff happen.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

guarantee seal Studio Tabletop Photography Essentials PackIf for whatever reason you’re dissatisfied with your purchase, this product is backed up by a 30 day money-back guarantee. Simply send an email to the product’s author, with a note explaining why, and so long as it’s within 30 days of purchase, you will receive a full refund. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

So here’s what you get, all you have to do is click on the button below…

Studio Tabletop Photography Essentials Pack Studio Tabletop Photography Essentials Pack


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