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The Art of Boudoir Photography with Speedlights


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WARNING: If you are offended by nude photographs then DO NOT DOWNLOAD this ebook.
I’m not kidding, this is no marketing bla bla, I am serious about it.

What you can download right here, is 74 pages full of recipes for boudoir photography.

Awesome Photography in any Bedroom

  • use simple and absolutely reliable lighting setups
  • return from your shoot with posh professional photos
  • make your boudoir models really proud

Packed with actionable tips and tricks

In the ebook I walk you through the way that I perform my boudoir photo shoots. All you need to do is follow the 6-step approach that I provide  you with:

  1. basics like the right lighting gear and lenses for a bedroom
  2. lingerie and clothes which work vs. things that do not work
  3. the lighting setups which deliver the best results
  4. poses for every model, from standard to creative
  5. how to find the best camera angle
  6. the common mistakes to avoid

This is all you need to put a big happy smile onto the face of your client or model.

However, I don’t want you to stop there. I’d like you to develop your photography much further. That’s why I added a final chapter which motivates you to create new shooting ideas and add new highlights to your portfolio on a regular basis. Sure, the shooting ideas, lighting setups, poses, techniques and tricks in the first chapters are a lot of fun. I want you to have fun. But real satisfaction will come once you put the last chapter into practice. Start now!          

Why this ebook is different

Too many tutorials on beauty photography feature examples photos which are a selection of the top photos from the portfolio of the author. The lucky photos that he was able to shoot when everything came together and light and pose turned out ideal for the featured model. In some cases I even saw example photos for specific lighting setups, which obviously had been taken with a different setup then the one they presented in the book I have also noticed that when discussing lighting setups, authors often used example photos which were obviously taken with slightly different setups. They fool the reader and set him up for disappointment. Seldom did I see examples which were really suitable to show exactly how the different lighting setups, techniques, clothes and all the other variations work on one and the same model in a given location.

Screen shot 2013 04 12 at 16.26.02 The Art of Boudoir Photography with Speedlights

I followed a radically different approach. This ebook is an extremely honest book. I used ONE SINGLE photo shoot to demonstrate all my lighting setups, all poses, clothes and techniques discussed in the book. I did not hire a model for the shoot, I simply asked my wife to demonstrate everything for you. I did not rent the presidential suite, I simply executed the shoot in our bedroom at home. Are all poses and clothes ideal for my wife? No. Not at all, not even the majority. Are all lighting setups ideal for our tiny bedroom? Of course not. But instead of selecting perfect examples from my portfolio, I simply used the photos from this one shoot and I refrained from doing the extensive photoshopping that usually would give the photos the perfect touch. When you pick your techniques from my book, then you see what you will get. Nothing more, nothing less.


“The best Boudoir ebook to date, after reading the book I was able to successfully light and pose a model, the most important part for me was lighting with small lights rather than expensive studio lights.” – Christopher W

“This is a must have download. The first ‘real world’ book on boudoir I have read in years. I am using the Galaxy Tablet 10.1 + the kindle version. If you buy the PDF version you will get the Kindle version for free and you just copy file to your Galaxy Tablet into the Kindle directory (it’s that easy) and you have the Kindle version. All the other files (PDF) work perfectly of course on the Galaxy Tablet as well.

For $15 or just over £10 is a book not to miss if you’re into this type of photography and want a great reference as well as tips and hints or want to get into it from scratch.” – Mark S

“I purchased the e-book and I am glad I did! It is very practical and helpful. The cheat sheet was worth the $14.95 by itself! I could lie and say that I’m not happy with e-book and Michael would refund my money–but, I cannot tell a lie! It is great!” – Phil P

Free Bonus: Posing Cheat Sheet

As a practical help for shooting boudoir photos, I made a quick little posing cheat sheet with 60 great examples for posing and framing your boudoir photos. You can use this sheet as inspiration, or for aligning on ideas and poses with your client or model. If you buy the ebook right here and now, I will give you the boudoir cheat sheet for free. You can download it right with the ebook itself.

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About The Author – Michael Zelbel

zelbel left 150x150 The Art of Boudoir Photography with SpeedlightsMichael Zelbel is a photographer operating a studio in Duesseldorf, Germany. Michael’s personal mission with photography is to bring together the cultures of East and West. Living up to this challenge, he frequently combines models, fashion, photographic styles and other elements from Asia and from the western world into a seamless (as he hopes) intercultural blend. This photography guide was created in conformity with his personal philosophy and features a carefully selected array of skills and techniques adopted from oriental and occidental practices.

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

guarantee seal The Art of Boudoir Photography with SpeedlightsIf for whatever reason you’re dissatisfied with your purchase, this product is backed up by a 60 day money-back guarantee. Simply send an email to the product’s author, with a note explaining why, and so long as it’s within 60 days of purchase, you will receive a full refund. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

So here’s what you get, all you have to do is click on the button below…

The Art of Boudoir Photography with Speedlights The Art of Boudoir Photography with Speedlights


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